Margaret Jarek

Fading Light

mjarek Wednesday December 13, 2017

Fading Light 512
The Sun pours its amber light across these ancient hills like a final benediction before Novembers desolate presence casts its gloomy shadow across the landscape.

These sun drenched afternoons make a person want to write songs or go for long walks or simply ignore all of appointed tasks and just sit on the garden swing and watch the leaves come drifting down.

Everywhere I look things have a kind of translucence about them as though each leaf and petal were created out of stained glass though which the light was shining.

At night the autumn stars stand out brighter then I’ve seen them all summer. The clarity of the air makes it seem that one could reach up and pluck a star from off of the dark curtain of the night.

Theres something in me that resonates with these autumn days, that makes me want to sing, but also that fills me with such an all embracing sense of gratitude to just be alive.

Perhaps it all acts as a reminder for us to not miss a moment of the gift of life. It reminds us that life with its beauty and its mystery should be savored and relished. Everywhere there is a manifestation of beauty, a banquet provide for us, and we ought to take full advantage of it and cherish it for the wealth it offers.

I know that I will sing autumns song with a grateful heart until the final glory fades into an early night.

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