Margaret Jarek

Days End

mjarek Sunday September 17, 2017

Days End 512
In the hush of a summer twilight there lingers a sense of some over arching presence that is at once indefinable and undeniable.

The soft breath of the evening breeze is redolent with a mixture of scents that emanate from a wide variety of flowering plants. There is a sense of peace here that has about it a kind of outreach which embraces me as though it recognizes me in a very personal manner as the care giver of this assembly of plants, purposely brought together to create this unique space, this island garden in the heart of a busy, urban area.

The sky colors shift and change and blend to create a sky scape that adds to the magic of the moment.
My resident robins sing a few brief bars; not exuberant as they are at the rising of the sun, but more subdued, like a lullaby.

The day has run its course. It departs and bids us farewell. Whatever the events that transpired during its sojourn, it will not come again. It has told its story, recited its lesson and departs without so much as a backward glance.

It is the lot of humans to decide each for themselves as to how they spent the currency of that departing day. Only humans have to account for themselves. The plants, the birds, all other creatures are not required to do so. They know that simply by filling their role in the great scheme of things they have added to the sum total of creation each according to their assigned role.

The day ends with the lullaby of this night wind as it bids the garden to rest.

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