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mjarek Monday August 14, 2017

Summer 512
Now that summer has settled in for its duration all the excitement and anticipation that preceded its arrival has faded away. It spread its quilt of variegated green over these gently rolling hills and filled this garden with an array of color and scent that deft description.

The hot afternoons are filled with the soft hum of bees that are eager to visit every single flower before dusk comes to put the garden to sleep. Under the blanket of night its the moths who come to taste the nectar. They come by the light of the moon, fragile as the flowers they seek. By sunrise they are gone for they are creatures of the night.

After we pass the July 4th celebrations, summer takes on a settled ambience offering the illusion that now that she’s arrived and unpacked her bags she’s here to stay awhile. But be know only to well that no season last forever, at least not here in the north country.

The only season that often overstays its welcome and seems as though it will never leave is winter. I think most of us would prefer it was summer that over stayed it welcome.

Well, at least for now, July has settled firmly in and gives no indication she’s ready anytime soon to relinquish her residency to any new comers.

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