Margaret Jarek

Wounded Psyches

mjarek Thursday January 12, 2017

Wounded Psyches 512
The massive wound that is dispersed across the soul of humanity is caused by our sense of separation from the natural world. The universal sense of yearning, of dissatisfaction that is present in all of us is an unspoken longing for unity with the heart of the great Mother.

Like spoiled children failing to get what they want we choose instead to control nature, to bend it to our will, to force it to serve our goals and ultimately to destroy that which holds the power to truly heal us.

The poets and mystics have discerned what the nature of this universal psychic wound is and have given words to it, but the average person never quite grasps the source of their yearning.

Every effort is made to resolve the yearning, to banish it by grasping for material goods, power and even knowledge, but rare is the person who ever is truly successful in resolving it. Even when we consider our selves nature lovers and out door sportsmen we are aware of the vast chasm that we have created between ourselves and the natural world.

Indigenous cultures have found ways in which to bridge that chasm. There relationship is nurtured and maintained through sacred dances and stories that incorporate the concept of all life forms being relations and teachers through vision quests and dreams.

But modern man and so called civilization offers no such salve for our wounded psyches.

There can be no real hope for peace on earth until we first make peace with the earth and find the secret of merging ourselves to the web of life in a truly acknowledged relationship to all creation.

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