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mjarek Friday September 22, 2017

Bees 512
I sit here in the garden on warm summer evenings enjoying the company of my resident bees.

It may sound a bit fanciful but I can’t help thinking these bees seem to be happy, or at least content
to call my garden home.

I have no idea where their hive is located. That’s a secret they keep to themselves and I don’t try to search for it.

I’m just happy to have them as tenets in the garden. I know they stay here until dark and perhaps beyond, since I’ve seen them sleeping in the heart of a flower at dawn. Then they move slowly and stretch their wings and give themselves a bit of a shake before they are off to their favorite blossom for a bit of breakfast.

It’s become obvious to me over the years that the way in which the world is perceived and experienced by other species is far different than the manner in which humans perceive it, but that doesn’t make it any less valid.

Other life forms have very unique and different ways in which they experience the gift of life. They know things we humans will never be able to know or understand regardless of how sophisticated we may believe ourselves to be. But if we use our senses to look and listen with respect and to empathize we may acquire a far deeper sensitivity to and appreciation of all creatures great and small with whom we share this planet.

I love that I can share this garden with the bees and I’m honored that they reside here and seem to me to be very happy to call this garden their home.

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