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Ordinary Day

mjarek Tuesday May 30, 2017

Ordinary Day 512
An ordinary day is a wonderful thing, filled with extraordinary blessings we take for granted.

I realize everyone’s concept of an ordinary day in their lives is a varied thing and dependent upon their life style. For some it means a day in the work place or at school, and carries with it a pocket full of challenges.

For some it may be waking up to a day that seems without purpose, a space between sleeping. To others an ordinary day may take on the definition of being boring; I despise that word! To often we crave a constant state of environmental stimulation and excitement, so the ordinary day seems lackluster and uninteresting.

But I have come to love my ordinary days and to cherish them and to never take a day for granted, for I realized a long time ago one ordinary day will be the final one. I do not ever want it said that I failed to appreciate each day as it was given to me.

Though to some who would view my life from the outside it might appear the days have a mundane sameness about them and its true I follow a pattern, a routine if you will. Rising early and savoring my large mug of tea, going about my appointed household tasks, reading and going for long walks that all seem unappealing to some.

And yet these quiet days are filled with peace and deep serenity. I want for nothing. While they may seem at first glance, to possess a sameness about them, each day has a varying color and texture and flavor to it, so that even though they are ordinary, they are not the same.

Out of the silence new insights are born, new ideas flow, new pieces to the jigsaw puzzle of life’s intrinsic meaning fall into place and an ever deepening awareness of the subtle energies around me grows and expands.

For every ordinary day I live I discover some fragment of beauty, a snow flake the cardinal singing to the crimson dawn, the scent of fresh snow, moon glow across the water. Always there is beauty.

For every ordinary day there are blessings to be counted, blessings that number the stars in the sky.

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