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mjarek Sunday January 15, 2017

Expediency 512
Perhaps it would not be an exaggeration to say that the only moments when we are truly and fully alive are the moments when we are wholly open to the beauty of the natural world.

So many of us go through life never truly opening ourselves to the abundant displays of loveliness that are surely the hallmark of this planet.

Adding to the deficit of awareness is a profound lack of sensitivity to the life forms around us. All to often the only principle that directs our relationship to the fellow creatures that struggle to survive is the principle of expediency. If is suits our goals and desires it is allowed to exist. If it impedes our desires in anyway, it is destroyed.

Man’s ongoing molestation of this earth brings us to the precipice of global disaster. How much more fulfilling would our lives be if we awakened to the beauty of our world, if we chose to cherish the experience of discovering beauty in its myriad manifestations.

Suppose every sunrise became a moment of contemplation and every sunset a time of prayerful gratitude.

Suppose we cherished tree lined roads more than vast highways and reckless speed.

Suppose we lived harmoniously with creatures great and small.

Suppose we saw the blessing present in every plant and loved the music of the wind and sea more than the roar of traffic.

We’d be a kinder species if we recognized and cherished the beauty of nature over and above the principle of expediency.

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