Margaret Jarek

Dark Shadows

mjarek Thursday March 23, 2017

Dark Shadows 512
Now in what appears to be a gathering storm when tumult is the order of the day and dark shadows lurk in every corner I must gather to myself all things, all images, that speak to me of peace. I shall create within my heart a citadel, a sanctuary to which I can retreat and where I can find healing amidst the fray and know without a doubt that the sun will rise once again when the storm has spent itself.

Beyond the fury, beyond the fear, a brighter day awaits and a season of renewal will come as it always does with the passage of time.

But for now I will gather to myself all that speaks to me of peace, bright images of hope, memories of all that is noble and good and beautiful and place them like bright stars to shine in the darkness of midnight. I gather to myself now all things that speak to me of peace.

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