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mjarek Thursday August 10, 2017

Extravagant 512
Who am I and what is it I can say about the credentials of my life.

I am part of the progeny of nature, or daughter of the earth and sky, sister to the four winds. So has it been since I could walk out upon the land touching each flower as I was passing, kneeling upon the earth as one would kneel in a great cathedral, so shall it always be.

The elders whispered to me “These are all your relations” always I have felt a sense of wonder and delight when I walk upon the grass or peered in amazement at the vast dome of the sky.

I’ve thought often of myself in terms of a beech comber wondering about in search of bits and pieces of beauty and collecting them like one collects sea shells. I place them carefully on the shelves of my mind and return to them often.

They are arranged so tastefully, sunsets and sunrises, flowers, stars and beautiful children.

Have I wasted my life perusing the hours of each day in search of tangible bits of loveliness I can hold in my memory? Has it been wasteful of me to spend so much of my life savoring the gifts that are unique to every passing hour. What can it be said that I have accomplished wandering through life greeting every flower or creature I meet along the way and taking time to acknowledge it?

No tangible thing to be displayed upon my walls. But it seems to me the world appreciates my gratitude and displays its beauty all the more extravagantly.

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