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mjarek Friday April 14, 2017

Human Mosaic 512
One of the more troubling aspects of out modern world is often an underlying sense of disconnection that can lead to feeling superfluous and invalidated as if our existence simply doesn't matter in the over all mosaic of life.

All of the addictions and neurosis have their place of origin in the human psyche happenings when our human need to be validated and found worthy is not met.

A sense of our own worth is very much dependent on the social order of which we are a part.

Its all well and good to tell people to value themselves but we are social beings. We do not exist in isolation nor were we ever meant to do so.

We need people and we need to feel as though our lives count for something, as though what we have to give has value.

But our current culture tends to isolate and separate us as well as rank our worthiness on what we may or may not have to offer. The modern world is based almost entirely on pitting us against one another in the form of competition rather then co-operation. Once we lived in tightly knit communities. Neighbors were neighbors interacting on a daily basis. There was a real sense of community that continued through generations.

This way of life is fast disappearing but we ourselves still need what it offers.

If we are ever to regain a sense of balance and well being in our present culture we need to find a way to return to the norms of the past. We need to find a way to be inclusive so that everyone of us can experience a feeling of belonging or being validated by the world and the people who share our lives.

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