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mjarek Sunday August 20, 2017

Other Gardens 512
When I was growing up the only source of recreation my family had available was to go for walks. Of course we walked everywhere anyway since we had no vehicle, but going for a walk was different.

There was no place we had to be and no set time we had to be there. So we meandered along to wherever the spirit moved us. I still walk like that, just out to see what there might be to see and I am never disappointed. I always chuckle when I encounter the power walkers so intent on their pulse and the rate of their heart beat. I doubt they would even notice an elephant unless they bumped into it. I suppose its a case of to each his own, but I’m out to see what I can see.

Yesterday, walking on a street I don’t usually visit, I came across a front yard that had not one blade of grass. Instead the entire yard was a mass of color from a proliferation of moss roses, which are low growing spreading annuals that bloom throughout the growing season and come in all colors except blue. Now that was a yard worth seeing and no grass to cut.

With all the rain w’ve been having my own garden bears a remarkable resemblance to a tropical rain forest. This in so way means I don’t weed. I weed everyday but the plants who make up this prolific garden often reach heights of four to six feet tall. They are not low growing like the moss roses. The cats are delighted to have a mini jungle in which to roam and I love the energy that emanates from this profusion.

But I still like to go for walks and enjoy other peoples gardens. In fact I never met a garden I didn’t like.

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