Margaret Jarek

Sun Step

mjarek Friday July 21, 2017

Sun Step 512
Twice every twenty four hours night and day stand face to face on the threshold of time.

At dawn and again at twilight they merge for a few brief moments and it is those moments that are sacred. Across time and in every culture there have been rituals to mark and venerate those moments of transition, of beginning and ending.

Nature herself acknowledges the sacred significance of these twice daily moments, There is a stillness, a kind of breathless pause that recognizes the unique aspects of dawn and twilight.

They have often been the times when humans pray in supplication for needed grace and thanksgiving for the strength and guidance that grace has given.

In summer when the garden is in full bloom I will almost always be found on the garden swing especially at twilight. And each time I am awestruck by the spirit of tranquility that descends on this garden just as the lavender light of twilight pervades its entirety: In the afterglow of sunset it rests in a soft iridescent light as though it has fallen under a spell of enchantment, a kind of other worldliness.

At first light the mystic spell is still to be experienced, but as the sun steps across the rim of the world, the mystery evaporates leaving only the exuberant exhibition of a garden that celebrates the beauty of the whole of creation.

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