Margaret Jarek


mjarek Wednesday April 19, 2017

Contradictions 512
We live out our mortal lives in the context of a reality that is composed entirely of contrast and contradiction.

Night follows day, darkness is off set by light.

The leafless trees are etched in black against an ivory sky. Life and death are forever intertwined in one another’s arms.

Were a perfect balance between opposites ever to be achieved, the world would cease to revolve around the sun. The nexus point becomes the point of dissolution.

Even as change is the eternal constant, contrast is the art form in which creation has been make manifest.

No human walks the earth path devoid of contradiction. The greatest saints have a dark side. The righteous can often cause the most harm to others. The brightest light can create the deepest shadows.

We could not recognize love without having experienced its opposite which is not hate but indifference.
In embracing the light we also need to confront and acknowledge the power of darkness.

The seed germinates in the darkness of the earth before it can reach for the light.

Every thing is interwoven nothing exists in separation for its opposite, but is part of a whole whose composition will always be made up of contrast and contradiction.

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