Margaret Jarek


mjarek Saturday August 26, 2017

Fragility 512
The human soul is a fragile thing that needs much tender care if it is ever able to grow into its fullest potential. With out that care it will grow warped and deformed and trapped in a web that prevents it from expanding and reaching up toward the light as it has always been intended for it to do.

Exposed to a culture of violence as is often the case the soul is threatened with annihilation by the society at large. A soul craves beauty as much as it craves love. It longs for a vision of light that allows exposure to stars and flowers and noble thoughts and speech that elevates it to realms of nobility and honor.

It needs to savor the peace of flowers scented mornings and sun dappled afternoons. But is this what we offer our youngest citizens? Rather we expose them from infancy to scenes of violence, to the sounds that shatter rather then knit their reality into peaceful patterns.

Viewing the world as a place that is harsh, we believe a child needs to be tough in order to survive. If thats the reality we have chosen to endorse, then its understandable we have warfare that is almost constant and humanity itself in a constant state of crisis.

From the vantage point of this garden swing in the heart of this prolific garden filled with color and the sound of wind chimes swaying in the morning breeze I believe with all my heart that the human race will not find its redemption in any environment but the hallowed enclosure of a garden.

Here the soul is given nutrients that help it to stretch itself until it over reaches the furthest star and the very gates of paradise itself.

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