Margaret Jarek

May Moon

mjarek Saturday June 3, 2017

May Moon 512
After many days of grey skies and bone chilling rain we awake to a blue and gold day mantled in green of the most vivid shade and bedecked in a profusion of flowers.

Tulips clustered in groups of red and yellow or marching like soldiers in a straight line. Blue and white violets carpet the banks of the brook and created rings of color around the boles of the woodland trees. The avian chorus is now putting on a concert every single day. And now is the time when the fruit trees don their white bridal veils and renew their sacred union with the earth and the sun.

Now too is the time that the lilacs bloom filling the air with their fruity fragrance.

There’s an old legend that speaks to the mystery of the unicorn. It is said that when the lilacs bloom and the moon of May is full the unicorns came down from the hills of dreams to dance where the lilacs bloom by the light of the silvery moon.

It’s not the least bit difficult to believe in magic and mystery when the long lavender twilights of May streak across the land breathing blessings with every passing breeze.

I linger here in the garden from first light until long after darkness has come hoping perhaps in some childish way to catch a gimps of the unicorns trooping out of the shadows to visit the lilacs and dance by the light of the moon.

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