Margaret Jarek

Annual Miracle

mjarek Wednesday May 24, 2017

Annual Miracle 512
Is there anything that speaks more to the heart of serenity than a spring twilight. The sky turns slowly to a soft lavender even as the light lingers along the western horizon and even after the first star trembles in the firmament.

There is about these spring twilights an innocent hopefulness. The promise of the dawn has been fulfilled and the hope of a new day yet to come exists in the heart of twilight.

The birds have come to roost among the delicate new leaves of the urban forest. Their murmurs slowly subside and they take their much needed rest from the toils of nest building that keeps them in a state of frantic activity from first light.

The early spring flowers fold their colorful petals and slip into a state of rest until the morning light . Is it pure whimsy to wonder what flowers dream of as the twilight deepens into night?

In a world where man’s unconscionable creations leave no room for certainty that the earth will ever see another spring we’d so well to not miss a single moment of this annual miracle.

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