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mjarek Saturday August 5, 2017

Values 512
Depending on how highly a person values the life of the soul, it seems to me that social media and an addiction to such things as facebook and messaging provide a definite barrier to the pursuit of a spiritual life.

One of the most important practices of a life well lived is being fully present in the moment. Equally valuable is time spent in meditation. Social media and its mundane trivialities are in complete opposition to both of these practices.

I’m sitting here on this morning of summer rain focusing my attention on the inspiring beauty of a garden in full bloom. Roses, primroses and lilies blend in a mosaic of color and texture that constantly renews itself. The sound of gentle rain adds a sound track that reiterates an ambience of peace and tranquility. I am fully immersed in the beauty of this moment.

Surely this is what the world craves and which it has far to little of it. It is certainly the thing upon which I place the highest priority.

Social media may have some small useful purpose but in no way could it ever offer the blessings accessible to those who dwell in the context of a beautiful garden.

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