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mjarek Monday February 20, 2017

The Remedy 512
I’ve come over time to believe that it is vital to the preservation and health of the human soul to actively and consistently practice gratitude.

To experience gratitude is not unlike immersing the body in a warm bath that you sink into to relax letting it flow through the whole of your being. At that moment you then give thanks.

Such a practice followed faithfully is a means by which our souls are mended and cleansed. It is the Remedy that cures anxiety, negativity and dread. It is the anchor that holds us steady in the midst of turbulence. It is essential to the achievement of inner peace.

No day should begin and no day should end without spending a few moments immersed in the gratitude experience.

It’s more than just a routine recitation of your blessings. It’s full blown consciousness of being fully present to the fact that just being alive is the greatest blessing and knowing that wherever you are and what ever you have is enough to satisfy your deepest needs.

Gratitude transcends all negativity and opens the channels through which all blessings flow and out of which an all pervasive sense of well being is born.

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