Margaret Jarek

Letting Go

mjarek Sunday January 29, 2017

Letting Go 512
The silence of the dormant earth is accentuated by a landscape devoid of its green mantle of vegetation as well as by the immensity of the winter sky.

Now the horizon reveals itself to a point where it is difficult to discern where the earth ends and the sky begins.

Only when ice-fog creeps silently across the land does the far horizon conceal itself. Only when a low ceiling of uniform grey presses itself down upon the world do we loose sight of winters far horizon.

The stark simplicity of winter, its very austerity creates in the human soul a hunger for color and the musical chorus of the avian nation.

This monastic simplicity that is the very essence of winter breeds in the human soul a kind of resignation that is less cheerful than the mood that pervades us when spring comes skipping across the hills.

Fortitude and perseverance are the prevalent virtues of winter. But if we are willing to enter into the essence of this season we may find respite from the stress of attachment. Perhaps we will come to experience a kind of psychic freedom achieved by letting go of a need to be in control. When we resign ourselves to that over which we have no control we are truly free.

Winter’s austerity allows us the opportunity to be in touch with the core and center of our own souls and to sow the seeds that in the sunlight of spring will become the flowers of wisdom and the fruit of spiritual awareness.

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