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Hard Reality

mjarek Wednesday December 27, 2017

Hard Reality 512
There are times when the world presses to close upon the psyche. The definition for reality is harsh, cold and shallow.

Such a limited version saps the life out of the soul and leaves one without any sense of wonder.

I prefer to believe in a reality of many dimensions, of whimsy and magic, of infinite possibility and porous boundaries.

Beauty is the truest manifestation of Creator Spirit and I perceive beauty is present in the whole of creation.

My mind is not bound by or limited to a material world nor do I subscribe to an attitude that demands so called proof in order to have any validity.

If I can dream it, conceive it or create it, it is real. Spirit contains an infinity of possibility.

I do not live in a reality that is ridged, dualistic and limited.

I have the power to create worlds in my own mind, to traverse time and space.

Within my mind I am free to ignore the limitations of the “real world”.

I can believe in angels and fairies. I can dance on the rim of the world and soar with eagles. My essential self stretches from end to end of infinity.

What so many people call reality is the greatest illusion of all.

Beyond the surface world there is a reality out of which is born all that is beautiful, inspirational, and awesome. It is spun out of light, transcendent and all pervasive.

We are free to choose our own way of perceiving reality.

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