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Bless the World

mjarek Monday November 27, 2017

Bless The World 512
It seems to me that each of us has been given a mandatory mission from the Creator to be co-creators of reality.

Great spirit has created our universe in all of its intricate splendor and then has invited us to paint our own self portrait on the vast canvas of life.

Every action, every word we speak, every thought upon which we may force our attention becomes part of the unfolding canvas of being.

By choice or ignorance we add to the sum total of reality.

Some take this opportunity to manifest by word and deed the supreme glory that exists at the heart of being. Others chose to create scenes of violence, discord and destruction. Do we make the canvas of our lives a thing of beauty or a travesty of distortion? Not one of us is so lacking in empowerment that we cannot make this reality a more valid mirror of Divine Mind.

To practice compassion and reverence to say nothing of profound gratitude is to create of our times a masterpiece of beauty. It is this frame of mind that turns the simplest deed into a work of art. A life lived in such a manner makes artists of us all. No one else can create what each individual creates. Every life is an original work of art.

Spin, paint, weave and sculpt the substance of your life into a thing of enduring beauty that will bless the whole world.

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