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mjarek Thursday July 27, 2017

Review 512
This is one of the reasons its good to do a life review every so often. We may gain insight and wisdom only as we mature and in that wisdom learn what to let go and what it is we should retain.

Its good to clean out the attic we have in our brain if for no reason that it allows us to make room for the new experience life may have waiting for us.

It’s never been easy being human. We are a genre unto ourselves and we don’t come with a built in instruction book, so we tend to flounder at times. But when its all added up the plus signs exceed the minus signs and the journey was worth its weight in spiritual gold. I wouldn’t have missed a moment of it and I’ll gladly do it all again.

It seems to be the preview of advancing years to view the past events of a lifetime from a perspective that is quite different from how we may have viewed them when they occurred or in our middle years.

Life and the lessons and insights that are part of the experience is complex and multi layered. What we might once have viewed in negative terms my be seen in a much different light when viewed in retrospect.

Or we may view it in a different context all together as the years unfold. We may find connections of which we were unaware at an earlier point in our journey thus recognizing the blessing inherent in every experience. The culture or even the historical time frame in which we live may cause us to interpret events from one point of view that can change dramatically as society changes with the passage of time.

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