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mjarek Wednesday April 26, 2017

Stillness 512
Perhaps it is part of our essential nature to yearn most for that of which we have the least and to take for granted that of which we have the most.

Because I live beside a busy highway which is also a major truck route, the thing for which I long for most and upon which I place the highest premium is silence. It exists for me as the essence of the Holy Grail, the unreachable dream, the voice of infinity.

I love my house and my garden and my neighbors, but like everything in life there is always a downside and for me its the constant nerve shattering rumble of trucks especially in the early morning when I long for a quiet time to prepare myself for the day ahead.

Sometimes I dream of what it would be like to live my life in a quiet place with only the song of the wind through the grass intruding upon the stillness.

Would I cherish such deep silence then if it were that which defined my life? Would the quiet ways of the earth create in me a comparable stillness. Would my mind be less busy, my thoughts more profound, my concerns less trivial if I lived in some citadel of stillness?

Would my thoughts be more spacious if my primary companions were the verdant earth, the far horizons of the sky, the friendly companionship of natures others children.

There is a stillness that flows softly across the sleeping earth just as dawn is breaking in the east and that small island of stillness is something I embrace as a sacred time before the roar of commerce resumes.

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