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Wolf Moon

mjarek Wednesday February 21, 2018

Wolf Moon 512
The full moon of January which is called by some the Wolf moon has come and gone.

The winter constellations are moving in stately procession across the back drop of a winter night. With snow on the ground the night is far from being a pit of darkness.

There are times especially when this full moon is reflecting off the surface of newly fallen snow when it’s almost bright enough to read the large print on the pages of a book.

Summer nights are far more likely to be as dark as the inside of a cave. Not so for snow covered winter nights. Winter also has the most breath-taking sunsets. Their beauty is enhanced by being reflected off the vast snow fields of winter.

While some may describe winter as being monotonous and without color I beg to disagree. It may not be the artist’s palette of color we see in summer but it is neither monotonous or bland.

In the woods there are the vivid green lichens and mosses that cover the protruding rocks.

There are crimson berries clustered on the branches of various shrubs.

There are the rings of sapphire around the boles of the trees.

There are sunsets and sunrises whose colors defy description.

Of course there are the dark brown and blacks of the leafless trees, but these naked branches poke holes in the sky and become sculptured silhouettes against a cerulean sky.

In it's own way winter is as colorful as a morning in spring and equally beautiful.

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