Margaret Jarek


mjarek Sunday October 7, 2018

Transformation 512

Nature does not fear the conclusion of the growing season. In fact quite the opposite is the case. She engages the land itself in a triumphant celebration, a joyous crescendo that dies away leaving behind the silence of dormancy.

The skies have become a vast azure backdrop against which the flaming colors of autumnal splendor are splashed like paint on a canvas.

Every leaf is dabbed in brilliant shades of vermillion, yellow and orange, russet, garnet burgundy and gold. The brilliant colors leaf like a living flame across the river valleys and over the umber hills. The leaves in their celebratory colors dance in the mischievous wind like children at play-souls that have grown heavy with life’s challenges rediscover their youth amid the splendor of autumn’s profusion. In fact such a feast of seasonal profusion offers a sense of liberation lifting the spirit up toward the light of wonderment. Country roads that wind aimlessly across the hills summon the traveler who spurns the free way’s in order to experience the sheer joy of just being a wanderer with no where he has to be. Walkers and hikers find themselves lingering around every bend in the trail in order to fully appreciate the view.

These are the days to remember. These are the days to bask in the mellow sunlight, to whistle a merry tune as we meander the dusty back roads and dance by the light of the autumn moon on the hills above the town.

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