Margaret Jarek


mjarek Friday June 29, 2018

Silence 512
The silence is vast and deep. It envelops the senses and eliminates all triviality. The small sounds that one hears are no more than air bubbles on its surface and vanish as quickly as they appear.

It is silence that endures. Sound is only temporary. It cannot sustain itself. Out of silence emerges all that exists and it is into this infinity of stillness that all things pass.

I’ve always cherished the silence. Because I live on a street that is a high traffic route for trucks, silence is rare. But the street is closed for an entire weekend and so, for however brief a time it maybe, I can allow myself to sink into the depths of this silence, to explore it, to savor it, to feel my whole being began to relax and to expand and to breath deeply.

I do not think we ever realize how damaging noise can be to our physical, mental and spiritual being until we feel ourselves relaxing into silence.

And yet many of us fear this encounter something that threatens to absorb us into itself, so we create a constant cacophony of noise. But when the noise clears as it must inevitably do, silence returns like an incoming tide.In a day or two this street will once again return to its ordinary ways and this time of respite will be only a memory, but for now it is filled only with the presence of an immense tidal wave of silence and for this brief interlude I am grateful.

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