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mjarek Monday November 12, 2018

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We are called to be celebrants of life, co-creators of our own concept of reality. We celebrate life best through the practice of a sustained state of gratitude. We co-create our reality by a consistent practice of compassion for all with whom we share this incredible journey.

A grateful heart has the power to transcend and transform all of our lives circumstance thus rendering life sacred.

As celebrants we ought to wear vestments of joy. As creators we ought to don robs of peaceful serenity.

We search for meaning and yet we fail to comprehend the significance of our own participation in the great mystery of life itself. We fail to often to recognize the wonder of our own existence.

We are endowed with the power to love, to be conduits of divine light and purveyors of grace.

It is vital that we take control of our inner landscape and thus enable ourselves to be the best expression of the human spirit that we can be. Each of us is a unique manifestation of the spirit that will not be duplicated. Each of us is called to be participants in the sacrament of life.

Let us choose then to celebrate life with joyous gratitude and wonder, with reverence and compassion for we came this way but once and we will not walk this path again.

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