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mjarek Thursday December 13, 2018

Cherish 512
Ancient cultures once worshiped the tree of life. Its a symbol that appears in many venues including our own.

It cultivates the fact that all life has sprung from one source and no individual expression of life can ever stand apart of separate from that tree.

Just as the leaves on a tree feed the roots of the plant, so do all life forms contribute to the well being of life itself.

Few scientists can ever really explain the startling and mysterious process by which life came to be. They are even less likely to be able to explain its incredible diversity. Nor do they have an easy explanation for why it appeared here on this planet after countless eons of inert matter was all that existed.

And yet here we are, dwellers in this goldilocks biosphere where every thing is “just right”.

Its absolutely astonishing. But that tree is fragile. It is vulnerable and has no guarantee that it will last. Let conditions alter by a mere fraction and it could be gone leaving little trace that it ever was real. A tiny bit closer to the sun, a shift in the force of gravity and who would be left to remember.

So cherish this miraculous tree of which we are all a part. Nothing says this planet could not become as devoid of life as are any of the other planets in our solar system.

For now the tree is laden with every manner of life we can even begin to imagine. Cherish it, revere it. It may never come again.

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