Margaret Jarek

Holy Mystery

mjarek Friday June 15, 2018

Holy Mystery 512
More now than ever the magnificent mystery that is at the heart and center of life is in evidence wherever we look.

The process of resurgence that begins so imperceptibly with the melting of the snow and ice now becomes increasingly apparent in the great bringing forth of verdency in May.

It is this annual return, this rebirth of life to the land that remains the single greatest mystery that fills me with a profound sense of wonder and awe.

Regardless of how sophisticated science has become nor how detailed are the explanations scientists may offer, the essential heart of life is its awesome mystery.

To experience wonder, to be over whelmed with awe is what elevates us beyond the mundane to a state of cosmic conscientiousness. We understand that everything including ourselves is more than we can ever comprehend.

When we cultivate a sense of mystery and awe, we insure our freedom from the hands of boredom. We will never succumb to cynicism or despair.

Rather to be consistently awed by life's holy mystery will allow us to see reality through the eyes of a child. We will never renege on our belief in the miraculous.

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