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mjarek Saturday January 27, 2018

Guardian 512
The new year is often portrayed as a doorway to the future. Its a good metaphor. We’re all intrigued by doors.

Every day we pass through doors. We step thoughtlessly over thresholds seldom giving it any thought. And yet as sure as we may be that we know what lies on the other side of a door, there is always the opportunity to be surprised. Doors keep some things in but they also keep some things out. We can hide behind them opting for security or we can keep them open wide and welcome all that may cross the threshold.

We speak of “closed doors” and know that as a metaphor for rejection. An open door policy is one that is welcoming.

Doors by their very nature face in two directions as does the Roman god Janus with his two opposing faces looking in opposite directions.

Walk down the street and see that the door on each house represents entry into someones life story.

Behind each door the human drama plays out in the lives of those who live behind those doors.

In Dublin Ireland there is a tradition of painting every door in a different color and creating designs that signify the profession of those who live there.

I wouldn’t mind at all if we adopted a tradition of making our doors attractive works of art that express our individual tastes. It might add character to our neighborhoods.

Every door through which we pass is an entry into the yet-to-be-Known. Every door stands as a guardian of the future.

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