Margaret Jarek


mjarek Friday November 23, 2018

Journey 512
The road unwinds like a spool of silver thread toward an ever receding horizon that calls to this wonderer and yet remains forever unattainable. Like tomorrow it never materializes.

The destination is never of any great importance. It is the experience of being on a journey that is so fascinating.

I do not fancy straight roads, so monotonous.. Such roads hypnotize rather than engage this wander. Give me sharp curves and high hills that encourage the mind to imagine new vistas, mind boggling revelations around the next bend.

It’s true that the higher the hill, the deeper the valley, but a valley resting between two hills has its own charm.

Everything about a road trip should be a source of enrichment that promotes a departure from the ordinary. Since I see life itself as an extended road trip I can honestly say that it has been an endlessly fascinating journey of amazement.

This life journey has no opportunities to throw it into reverse and go back to see what it is you may have missed. Nor do we journey in place. Time moves us steadily forward. Every breath we take carries us further into the unknown.

Therefore I resolve to be fully conscious of every nuance of this journey, to savor every ephemeral moment and to reap every fragment of beauty, every minute particle of wisdom I encounter on the way.

In this manner I do not grow weary or jaded but am daily nourished and sustained by the journey itself.

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