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Flame of Life

mjarek Wednesday November 9, 2016

Flame Of Life 512

I've got a fire burning in my soul. We all do. It’s called the flame of life.. But all to often that fire, which manifests its brightest when we are enthusiastic, joyful or filled with zeal, can become diminished by the manner in which we chose to experience life itself.

The flame that burns within me is fed with love; the love I have for everything that enriches my life experience. By focusing as much of my awareness as possible on these positive experiences such as music, dance, laughter and friendships I keep that flame burning brightly. By keeping my senses wide open and receptive to new and fascinating ideas and insights, the flame is well nourished. Gratitude is one of the best fuels I know of that can insure that the flame of life never grows dim.

Cultivating a spirit of adventure that turns away from fear adds greatly to the life experience, nothing diminishes a passion for living more than being afraid. Fear, anxiety about the future and getting lost in all kinds of negative scenarios will all but guarantee a diminished passion for living.

To be a lover of life is to be a biophilic. Its not a mysterious disease. To be a biophilic is to be vibrantly alive and enjoying the journey to the max.

There’s a world of difference between the biological instinct to survive and having an all consuming love affair with life itself.

Take first is fear based, the other is hope filled with the honed skill of zeroing in on the multitude of blessings life can convey if we are mentally receptive.

To truly live is to love with every fiber of your soul.

Love people and animals and trees and flowers and the hills and valleys and lakes and rivers with an unabashed exuberance and the flame of life in your soul will run like an electric current through every moment of your mortal life.

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