Margaret Jarek


mjarek Friday September 9, 2016

Dictation 512
I take dictation from the living earth. I seek to somehow convey its message in words of human creation in order that her message is shared among all who read these words.

All around me the messages of the land are spelled out in flowers and forests, in lakes and rivers are the undulation of ancient hills. The very rocks will speak to those who truly listen with the heart.

Words are a poor substitute for the rich and varied vocabulary of the earth. But in spite of the inadequacy of the human language I am consumed and driven by a deep yearning to translate earths ancient language into words that seek to mirror all of the beauty I experience whenever I am fully present to the natural world.

It is said that once in the time of the ancient ones we had the ability to understand and to speak the secret language of flowers and trees, of birds and animals, of bees and butterflies.

But arrogance entered our hearts and we begin to tell ourselves and our children a new story that had us believing we were the masters of all that we behold. That arrogance closed the door upon the wider reality and shut us into a narrow, closed in place that hindered our view of anything other than our own shallow perceptions.

And yet there exists an undeniable yearning, a kind of vacuum created by our disconnection from the far vaster reality of our distant ancestors so that we feel like a butterfly trapped in a glass jar.

Only when we divest ourselves of the erroneous thinking that has us believing we are the masters of creation will we be able to once again hear and understand the language of a far greater reality.

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