Margaret Jarek

Fall Nirvana

mjarek Friday October 28, 2016

Fall Nirvana 512
I did not find nirvana today but I found the heart wrenching beauty of hillsides on fire with the crimson and gold of autumn.

Nirvana did not embrace me today but I was mesmerized by the changing colors of the setting sun as it trailed its fingers over the surface of the lake creating an abstract of colors for which we have no name.

Nirvana evaded me this day but I found peace walking in the moon light with the night wind as my companion.

The autumn roses are perhaps more dear to me than the blooms of summer for they perform their best knowing that tomorrow the frost will take away their beauty. Perhaps that is the nature of nirvana.

Someday perhaps I will find nirvana but for today I will treasure each moment and find at the heart and center of each fleeting second of the day a loveliness that, be it is not nirvana, can yet overwhelm my soul with its intrinsic loveliness.

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