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Gold Star Days

mjarek Monday November 7, 2016

Gold Star Days 512
There are certain days that deserve to be labeled as gold star days because they are so exceptionally beautiful.

Those are the days you wish would never end! They make you want to hold them close and never let them go because once they are gone they will never come again. No two days are ever really quite the same.

These gold star days are days in late autumn when the sky is cleared of summer dust and is a deep ocean blue like September chicory. The air is crystalline and so refreshing it makes the very act of breathing a pure pleasure.

The interfacing of light and shadow moves across the landscape like a well choreographed dance directed by the invisible wind spirits.

On days like this everything shimmers with a translucence that adds a subtle dimension to leafless trees and russet grasses. Every where I look there is an aura of mellow light that gives the landscape a clarity that belongs entirely to this time of the year.

This is not a day for mundane tasks nor is it a day to be wasted on mediocrity and complaint.

It’s a day to give into the urge to go wandering across the hills in the company of the autumn wind, carefree as a child playing hooky from school.

It’s a day out of whose substance memories are created.

Its a gold star kind of day and we all know gold star days don’t come along all that often.

We need the leaden skies and rainy days but for the sake of contrast every now and then we are given a day framed in gold stars.

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