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November's Magic

mjarek Saturday November 19, 2016

November Magic 512
Often when we think of November we think of a dull landscape drained of color leaving only dull brindle and dun tones without luster and lifeless.

But a recent walk through the woodlands of the north proved that concept to be far removed from the picture that revealed itself to my amazed eyes.

Along the path were masses of delicate ferns like emerald lace.

There were patches of deep green wintergreen decorated with waxy red berries that glowed like rubies.

The path wound its way along the shores of a diminutive lake whose surface rippled with sapphire colored waves.

The Tamaracks were exclamation points of canary yellow on the rolling hills.

Miles and miles of dark green spruce like precious jade dominated the landscape interspersed by the bronze foliage of the oak trees whose leaves clung to the branches of these venerable denizens of an old growth forest.

The whole scene was shot through with a brilliant light unlike any that illuminates the landscape at any other time of the year.

No doubt at some point in the season the would will succumb to the bleached ashen gray and fulvous shades we associate with late November. But, today it is manuscript inscribe in jewel tones and brimming over with a celestial radiance that is to be cherished for the treasures that it contains, a veritable kings ransom in sparkling jewel toned colors.

The pewter skies and low flying tattered clouds no doubt will arrive in due time but, for now I found a sheltered corner where November violets bloomed as though it was springtime.

November has its own special magic.

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