Margaret Jarek


mjarek Friday September 9, 2016

Sunbursts 512
Sunbursts of autumn daisies compete with the columns of goldenrod that congregate along the dusty backroads in September.

Heather colored asters cluster in the hedgerows and on the edges of fields and woodlands and all the land is bathed in a mellow sunlight.

Autumn leaves flutter down like pieces of colored paper or confetti. I think of them as nature's posted notes reminding us that this season of mellow benevolence is short lived.

The pots along my fence overflow with splashes of brilliant red verbenas and snow white geraniums.

Every where I look the squirrels and chipmunks scurry about filling their larders with food for the winter.

My friend has a couple of hugh oak trees that attract so may squirrels I tell him they must be bringing them in on buses to enjoy the feast.

The days have become noticeable shorter now, the twilight noticeably shorter than in the gleaming light of May. But we are compensated by the brilliance of September stars as well the sunrises and the vivid color scheme of autumn's arboreal panorama.

I'm out int the garden now from sunrise until well after sunset reluctant to miss even a single moment of this season of splendor.

I put as much of my life on hold as I possibly can in order to be a full participant in the magical profusion of nature's siren song.

To quickly it will all fade away until it's only a dying ember and a memory of what once was but is no more.

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