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One More Autumn

mjarek Saturday November 5, 2016

One More Autumn 512
The sunlight of autumn is like golden honey that flowers across the hills and through the valleys a final benevolent blessing from the heart of the great mother.

It turns the world to a cornucopia of jeweled colors and fills every space with a mellow topaz light.

It places an aura around every leaf and petal and pierces the surface of every plant so that it's color shimmers as though it were spun out of the substance of rainbows.

The air is saturated with a freshness that makes one want to breath deeply in order to fully benefit from its purity.

This is the time of year folks begin to think about long walks through the autumn woods, of scuffling through the leaves that cover the floor of the forest, of building autumn campfires where they can gather together for warmth, sip their hot chocolate or spiced cider and tell one another ghost stories.

Autumn nights are star emblazoned and the harvest moon is often the brightest moon of the year. When it first rises above the horizon on a clear night it gives the appearance of immenseness that it reveals at no other season.

Even though this a season of dying it is death with an aura of joyful celebration. Nature puts on her most glorious wardrobe as she prepares herself to enter into the season of death like dormancy.

How often I wish I could capture all of this light and color, this clarion beauty and store it away to be brought out and revived on some dismal day when winter has overstayed it welcome.

But even the memory of it will fade with time like an antique water color, its benevolent touch replaced by the ice coated grip of winter.

But for now it is here and I vow to myself I shall not miss one moment of it. If I do not see it again in my lifetime, I see it and experience it now to the fullest extent of my ability to do so.

I wrap the mellow golden light around myself like and exotic shawl of the finest cashmere and fall into a peaceful sleep here on my old swing that has seen almost a quarter of the autumns that I myself have experienced. I am grateful for the gift of being witness to one more glory filled autumn.

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