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Greatest Blessing

mjarek Tuesday December 6, 2016

Gift Of Life 512
I have a friend who lives with a dark cloud of negativity over her head.

No matter how beautiful her garden may be (and she works very hard to make it so) in her perception it is always flawed. To her way of thinking life is a heavy burden and then you die.

For me life is our greatest gift for which I am forever grateful. Do I have challenges? Of course I do. But I look at it this way. If I can bathe my soul in the morning light and see the blazing stars above at night, then its all been worth it.

If I can trace the spiral of a perfect rose or breathe in the fragrance of April violets I count myself blessed beyond measure.

If I can immerse myself in the splendor of a multi colored sunset or stand in the midst of a rainbow or hear the caroling of birds in the heart of winter, life has truly blessed me.

If I have felt the warmth of love, the loyalty of friendship, the comfort of home, the fellowship of good books and the unquestioning devotion of my companion pets I can pronounce life good indeed.

Perfection may not be constantly present but even the imperfections add to quality of my life at any given moment.

Yes, roses have thorns, gardens have weeds, it rains at inconvenient moments but summing it all up, the gift of life is without a doubt our greatest blessing.

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