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mjarek Monday July 25, 2016

Whimsical 512
In a world much focused on the harsher aspects of reality and overwhelmingly pragmatic in its perceptions I'm glad that there yet remains some room for a bit of whimsy.

In recent years that whimsy has taken the form of fairy gardens. The world of commerce has taken notice and the nursery men have created diminutive versions of larger plants while the bric-a-brac industry has gone full steam ahead creating not only the tiny figurines of fairies but tiny fairy houses and other accommodations in order to help people create an entire fairy kingdom. Like all hobbies one can chose to invest as much in the way of finances or as little as they may be able to invest. I've seen fairy gardens that take up a considerable amount of space and some that are no longer than an average size plant pot. In either case its obvious the creator of these miniature worlds is giving expression to their own sense of the whimsical.

All of this hard core reality that we deal with on a daily basis leaves our psyches bruised and exhausted. It lacks the ability to leave us feeling fulfilled. It is as hard as ice at the same time is shallow.

And so we turn to the whimsical, the fantasies of childhood, the dreams of a more innocent time. It is in that venue that dreams can be made manifest through our own creativity. In that creativity we give expression to the inner child and give power to our own imagination.

Now of course there are always going to be the hardcore realists who look with disdain on those who waste their time in something so frivolous as the creation of a fairy garden. These same individuals view anything they see as sentimental as a foolish waste of time or just an attempt to escape responsibility sometimes the harsh realities of our world need something to temper them and I for one am delighted with anything that allows me to refocus my mind on the gentler, kinder aspects of reality.

And so I love wind chimes and long summer evenings in the garden when I can loose myself in the sight and scent of floral profusion. I love child's poetry and fireflies. I love the morning mist and fairy rings. Cobwebs spread out upon the green vegetation and string with beads of dew to me are the linens of the pixies and deep in my soul I believe in unicorns.

The word reality itself is spacious enough to include all that exists including the creations of human imaginations. It can and should include concepts that transcend our more ordinary perceptions and definitions dealing with our narrower concept of reality that leaves little room for a sense of awe, wonder and joy.

Those feelings find this expression when we expand our definitions to include the innocence of whimsy and the honoring of a child's dreams.

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