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mjarek Friday September 23, 2016

Despair 512
When the weight of this old worlds anguish, its blood spattered stories, the accumulation of its long history of war, oppression and injustice threatens to overwhelm my spirit, I go out and let the spirit of beauty rescue me and free me from this burden of human history.

I contemplate the spaciousness of the sky. I follow the stately procession of cloud trains as they move from horizon to horizon driven by the wind that directs them to their destination.

Before dawn I go out into the darkness and gaze at the full moon nestled in a bank of silvery clouds like an egg in a nest.

Always, always I am aware that it is the beauty that heals the wounded soul and gives wings to a heart that needs to experience the freedom to enter into a dimension that transcends this mortal reality.

I was a child of six when I first learned this secret. There is transcendence and freedom available to those who loose themselves in the contemplation of a wild flower or a far away star.

There is healing perspective available in aligning ourselves with the melody of a robin in the spring or the happy dance of a monarch among the purple asters in the autumn.

It is there, this healing, this freeing of the spirit. It is always there, the eternal gift of the universe, but far to often we sink deep into the bogland of human misery.

The truth is happiness is a spiritual thing and as difficult as it is to believe when we feel overwhelmed, more often than not we experience it when we let go of the anger, the fear, this feelings of being overwhelmed, the despair.?

Opening oneself to the beauty of the universe is the surest cure I know that garners us a feeling of inner joy and a harvest of amazing blessings.

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