Margaret Jarek


mjarek Monday May 14, 2018

Moments 512

What is it, I asked my friends, that nourishes your soul?

When the answers came they spoke of small, seemingly insignificant things, Moments when time seemed to stop and they were standing in the beauty of the moment.

They spoke of the manner in which the morning sun reflected off the gray stones of the old cathedral across the river. They spoke of a cup of freshly made coffee and a good book on a cold winters night. They spoke of watching the slow changing season outside a south facing window or of walking through the autumn woods.

These are not earth shattering life altering moments. None of them would be defining moments in their life story and yet these were the moments which opened their consciousness to a reality that was far deeper and far more profound than society may have told them.

Perhaps in the final moments of our life journey it will be just those moments that will glow the brightest and convey the greatest sense of meaning to our journey.

Maybe we should write an autobiography based not on the events of our lives, but rather a record of those moments when we were truly connected to the hidden harmonies of the universe.

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