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mjarek Monday October 29, 2018

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There is a definite chill in the air in these early autumn nights. There is no doubt that the life sapping frost is imminent.

These early autumn days are like precious jewels in the crown of the year. We ought to distill this benevolent golden light and store it away to be brought out and savored in the dark days of winter.

Never do the stars seem more brilliant than they do on frosty September nights. They embellish the dark blue skies of autumn nights like jewels spilling forth from the treasure chests of heaven. Gazing up into that realm where the star beings reside I feel as though I could step over the rim of the world and wonder off into the field of stars.

And then when we have had a frosty night the sun rises and gives the world the appearance of having been visited by a million stars that decided to stay and only slowly evaporate in the heat of the day.

We ought to spend as much time as we can out here in September’s amber light. We ought to feel ourselves obligated to bring our full attention to this grand finale of summer.

Our souls are in need of benevolent blessings of September. The gloom of November will be here soon enough.

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