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mjarek Sunday July 29, 2018

Swan 512
The sun, like some majestic swan of shimmering gold, sails silently across the azure sky trailing summer in its wake. Without that daily journey of the sun life would cease to exist.

It was once worshipped as a divine being, the out ward symbol of the creator spirit. Both its raising and its setting are filled with dramatic variations of color that nourish our need for beauty and allows us to experience a profound sense of awe and reverence.

It always just seems fit and proper to take the time to bear witness to these sacred moments, to perhaps give thanks for the gift of one more day in which to savor the many flavors of life itself.

I am by nature a diurnal person rising at dawn and rarely staying up later at night than 9 o’clock.
Especially in summer it always seems to me that morning is the best time of the day.

I relish the early morning stillness and the scent of dew washed foliage. It’s like opening a book with blank pages and wondering what unique message will appear there at the day’s closing.

The sun like a golden swan swims across the azure sky trailing the day in its wake and it is good.

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