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mjarek Saturday December 31, 2016

Life 512
We seldom stop to think that there is another whole world that exists parallel to our own.

All the time we go about the business of our daily lives we give no attention to all those other creatures that live here on this planet conducting their lives in the manner that nature intended in spite of us.

Our sense of arrogant superiority keeps the blinders on our eyes so we never really see the others and all too often care even less. There is no time to stop and watch the playful antics of squirrels, the cautious movement of rabbits on a moon lit night, the interaction of birds clustering together in a winter storm, the rivalry of crows and hawks, the varied colors of a winter sky, the path of the wind as it sweeps snow into sculptures formations.

It seems to me we would be far less stressed if we gave ourselves the opportunity to open the lens of our awareness to include the amazing and complex reality of the lives of those we believe to be less consequential in the scheme of things than we ourselves.

To each of them their reality is as vital as ours is to us.

If this observation served no other useful purpose it might offer us some perspective and a temporary respite from the demands of the human world.

Left to their own devises they proceed with the business of living often against great odds. In many ways they do it far better than we do and with a far better attitude.

Inherently they understand the purpose and meaning of life is to live life to the fullest every single moment and to be fully present in each moment. Few humans have ever truly mastered that skill without great detriment.

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