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mjarek Wednesday December 4, 2019

Rescued 512
The least favorite day of the year for me is when I have to haul my geraniums in and shut the windows for the season.

Since early May those windows have stood wide open in order to allow the summer wind to carry into every nook and cranny of this old house the scent of seasonal verdancy.

No man made fragrance comes even close to replication of that intoxicating perfume.

Those geraniums I get my obliging neighbors to bring in for me act as curtains on my windows as well a producing fresh oxygen for me to breath thru the winter.

But I’m never satisfied with just bringing my geraniums inside. I’m driven to prowl the neighborhood and rescue any that the neighbors may have abandoned to their fate.

I always get the feeling that these rescued sets of summer greenery are thankful for being saved and repay me by blooming profusely through out the frozen days of winter.

I have a compelling need to be surrounded by greenery nothing seems more sterile to me than a house full of windows devoid of plants on the window sills.

I’m not a cactus lover but even a cactus is better than no greenery at all.

Its been my observation that people who involve themselves in tending to plants seem to be calmer, less agitated and perhaps even happier. If this is true then I must be the happiest person you will ever meet. And its true that I’m always happiest when I surround myself with plants.

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