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mjarek Monday March 11, 2019

Lesson School 512
How often I’ve heard life referred to as a school. In many ways that metaphor is accurate for it is indeed a time of learning. I’ve come to believe that events conspire to teach us what it is we most need to master.

One of the most difficult lessons to be mastered is living in the present moment. Because our brains are as complex as they are we tend to have thought patterns that in many ways resemble a grasshopper jumping here, there and everywhere with no real apparent pattern. To place our focus on something is an excellent way to really grow in depth perception as long as what we choose to focus on is not negative in its content.

Artists and other creative people are able to become so absorbed in their endeavors that they are naturally unaware of anything going on around them. I do that when I am gardening.

The school of life is designed to help us grow our souls. Some souls never evolve beyond the seedling stage, but not for lack of opportunity. Its attitude that is the deciding element that lifts our consciousness up or holds it back.

The only person who has control over our attitude is ourselves . The wise person learns early on that placing blame is a dead end approach to mastering life's vital lessons.

Every moment, every event, every circumstance contains some kernel of learning, some small but valuable currency that can enrich the life we are living and grow our souls.

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