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mjarek Wednesday January 30, 2019

Weather 512
I’m beginning to understand why those who can migrate to the warmer climates when winter comes huffing out of the north. They leave behind the chance of falling on ice covered walks and the back breaking chore of shoveling snow.

I strongly suspect even my cats would tolerate being uprooted if it meant sunshine and soft winds.

But I am from hardy Northerner stock. My people came from the country of the boundary waters in Ely Minnesota. Their idea of goin south was coming across the boarder to Wisconsin when the mines closed in 1923.

The truth is i’m not much for any weather where the temperature rise above 70’s. The way I see it you can always add extra layers of clothing in the winter, but theres a limit to how much you can take off in the summer and then there are the winter stars that shine more brilliantly than they ever do in summer.

Have you ever noticed the stars reflected in a blanket of snow? And then theres Christmas I never saw much to thrill me seeing Santa water skiing.

The truth is I am one of those souls whose roots go deep into the soil of home. I don’ t transplant well plus I rather pride myself on feeling winter tough.

Who would feed the winter birds if I weren’t here? I might complain a bit about the weather. But then I wonder what folks would say to get a conversation started with a stranger if they can’t comment on the weather.

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