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mjarek Sunday May 19, 2019

Time 512
What is time but a man made construct created to keep track of change. It is change that is the eternal constant. Some cultures say time is circular. Some claim it is linear. Perhaps its both. Or maybe it is a spiral that unwinds until it can go no further and then snaps back only to begin the process all over again.

Our society is consumed by its preoccupation of dividing time into smaller and smaller packages. But cultures far wiser than our present society have sought to live in harmony with more natural rhythms and have been more rewarded for doing so. They were healthier and more at peace for doing so.

I am well aware of the sense of calm that fills me when I seek to keep my heart beat in harmony with the quiet respiration of the earth. Nature doesn’t rush things. To every thing there is a season and a time given. Only humans presume they have the wisdom to live outside of that framework. There is no doubt in my mind that much of the illness around us is a result of being out of sync with those ancient rhythms. A bird that lays eggs in December has little chance of raising its young successfully.

Its a good way in which to remember all things are passing. Nothing is forever. Only change is absolute. So savor each moment and let it go. Living with regret is only a futile way to cling to the past and thus miss out on the blessings of the present.

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