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mjarek Friday November 8, 2019

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Life is demanding. Life is challenging. Life is confusing. Life is turbulent. Life is annoying. Life is complicated. But at no time is life ever boring. Boring is simply a frame of mind we create. It has no existence outside of our own self afflicted perception.

If it were up to me boring would be a word forever banished from our vocabulary. To complain of being bored is to say we are unwilling to be fully engaged in the act of living.

Allowing even the suggestion of boredom to enter our consciousness is to admit to a state of mental bankruptcy. To truly explore all the facets of being alive is to never stop asking questions and seeking answers. Every question opens a door into an additional dimension of reality. What we call reality encompasses all that exists as well as all potentialities.

Children have the right idea. They never settle for the simple answer to their questions because their intuition tells them there is always more to learn.

Children also understand that living means to be fully engaged in the present moment, unfortunately as they grow out of early childhood they loose these gifts and succumb to the prevailing attitude of the world around them. They give credence to the illusionary concept of boredom.

The whole reason for life is to live. The meaning of life lies in our fully engaged attention to the act of living. Perception and attitude are choices. Where we focus our attention will determine the manner in which we experience life.

Life may be painful and at times burdensome. But it is also a rich and wonderful gift. One thing it never is or ever will be is boring.
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